Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm so glad you are able to join us for a day full of fun and prizes and I hope you're just as excited as the entire Design Team! Please read this entire post before you begin...

Today's FUN is called:

Here's how it works...

You will visit the blogs of 10 Design Team members. Once you arrive on the DT blog, find the post for today's BONUS Fun and follow the instructions. You're not just blog're actually going to make a card. Each blog will have information on what to add to your card and where to go next...and when you've visited all 10 blogs you will have created or "built" a card! Be sure to go in order so you don't miss anything!

Once you've finished visiting all 10 blogs, followed all the instructions, and added all the elements you are free to decorate the inside of the card as you wish or leave it blank! That part is totally up to you. However, when your card is complete, be sure to come back here to this post and leave a comment with a DIRECT LINK to your creation in order to be entered in the drawing for this fabulous prize:
Not only will one lucky winner win the above prize package, donated by July's Guest Designer, Carolyn, but the winner will also receive ALL of the Design Team cards created for this week's challenge! (with the exception of Carly's card)

Oh, there's one more thing! If you choose to PHYSICALLY MAIL me your completed card, to be given away as a prize for Stamptacular's next Bonus Fun Day, you'll be entered into a drawing for another FABULOUS prize! This is a prize everyone will absolutely drool over...However, you'll have to take my word for it and make your way through the BUILD-A-CARD extravaganza to find out what it is!

You will start your BUILD-A-CARD journey by visiting Nikki's blog. Have fun!


Carmen O. said...

There is a break in the build a card. I got to number 7 so will come back later to get the rest of the pieces of the construction.Hopefully they'll be posted by then. Thanks for such a fun bonus idea! :D

Suzi Mac said...

Fantastic idea, really excited about this challenge, it's out of the box and very inventive, but there is a break at no 8 Dee, so will come back later.
Suzi xx

Wiccababe said...

this is a fantastic idea - got stuck as Dee's post isn't up yet, but will keep checking

Carolyn Bounds said...

WOO!!! HOO!!! I love this idea SO much that I just had to play along...even if I can't win this week's prize:o) This is such a fun concept!!!! You can find my interpretation of the bonus fun event card...HERE. Thanks for the inspiration and all the fun, fun, fun!!!!


Carolyn Bounds said...

DOH! I forgot to say that the above card is at the bottom of today's post:0} I can be such a dunce!!! Sorry!


Skraptacular Designs said...
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Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun.. I am not sure I have all the instructions.

Some of the blogs were difficult to find the instructions and next step.

Will check back later and try again. Thank you for the fun idea though..

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

What a really fabulous challenge. I have had great fun doing this.
Here's my entry
Thanks for looking
Caroline xxx

Chrissie said...

I had the problem of number 8 too, so thanks for supplying the necessary info to let us get going! I think I listed some elements in the wrong order on my blog, but I think they're all there.
You can find my card here

Susan said...

What great fun!
Heres my entry
Lets do this again!

Gunn-Hege said...

I loved to play with you today!!!!
Here`s my my entry
Hugs from Norway =0)

Sunny79 said...

This was so much fun !

You can see my finished build-a-card here.

Greetings from Germany by Marina.

Erica said...

I had so much fun with this. You should do this more often!
Here is my creation:

jennruggeri75 said...

I loved this! The DT is so amazing on this blog. I love it!! Here is my entry

Heather said...

Oh what great fun this was. Please, please do it again sometime, although I suspect it was somewhat time consuming to set up.
Here's my entry
hugs Heather xx

Unknown said...

Hello. Great journey on the DT bloghop for all the card elements.

Here's Mine


Ida / Little said...

This is such a great idea and so much more fun then a regular blog hop! :)

Here's my entry

Thanks for looking! Hugs Ida

Tracy said...

What fun, enjoyed the hop. It definately made the challenge more interesting. I followed all 10 instructions and it was fun putting it all together and making it work. Here's my card
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Liz Williams said...

I had such fun doing this challenge. Here's my card (sorry I don't know the trick to make this a direct link):

Debs said...
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Debs said...

Really enjoyed this type of challenge, please do it again.
here is mine

Nancy said...

This was so fun, I have made my fastest card ever;O)

Here is my card.

Thanks for looking!

Hugs, Nancy.

Kari said...

Hi! Great challenge!

Here is my entry

Emma said...
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Emma said...

Here is my entry for this bonus challenge.

Thanks for looking.


kathie said...

here is my entry for the challenge. this was so much fun...really challenging not knowing what was coming next!

Andie's Space said...

WOW, this has been the best challenge ever. Really enjoyed it. Thank you to you all for all the effort you have put in & the prizes on offer.
Here's my card
Thanks for looking.
Andie xx

Linaannaemilia said...

This was fun, I will come back and join again.

here's my card


Gloria said...

I have mine done
here's mine

Anonymous said...

This is the most fun I have had making a card. Nope I did it correctly!!

Cheri said...

I really enjoyed doing your blog hop challenge this week. I just found your blog and can't wait to spend more time looking over past posts.
here's mine

Kim Mc said...

Thanks for the great time! This is my first attempt at a challenge like this and I enjoyed it a lot. Here's my submission:

Kim Mc said...

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to link the address to blog to this comment.

Paperaddict said...

Great challenge - loved this idea!

Here is my entry.

Hugs from Hilde/Paperaddict

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

What a really pretty card, I just love the detail on those flowers.
Caroline xxx

Gry-Heidi said...

Thank you for a great bonus challenge, ladies! I really enjoy it :)

Here is my card

Daisychain said...

I have just found your blog and just had to enter the challenge as it sounded so much fun - I was right! What great fun and so inventive, well done to all of you for all the hard work you have put into the blog hop. You can find my finished card here

Lisa B said...

I had such a blast doing this challenge. It really got my mind working and got me to go thru all of my scrapbooking supplies. WHen I saw the friendship theme requirement I just knew that I had to do a Raggedy Ann & Andy theme.

Here is my card

Thanks for the fun!

Kat said...

This was fun, hope you do it again.
Here's my card

Lynne in NI said...

Great challenge!
Here's mine

Wiccababe said...

woohooo, finally I managed to get this done - I really enjoyed this, so different
here's my attempt

Rosanne said...

Great Challenge! Loved the concept of finding the elements!

Here is my card.


Julie Temple said...

WOW this was SO fun!! I had a little trouble figuring out what to do with my original blue piece, but hey, it worked out..LOL Thanks so much for the FUN~ Oh, the sentiment is inside...I should have gotten a picture...sorry!

Here's my card

Suzi Mac said...

This was a real fun challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Took me a little longer to finish the card, had my gorgeous Grandsons here for a visit, "bless them" but it's done now and I hope you like it.
here is my card
Hugs Suzi xx