Sunday, April 7, 2013

Goodbye for now...BUT...It won't be for forever!

Hello...It is only after much thought and extreme sadness that I write this...and...long overdue...

Unfortunately, my family and I have been going through an extremely difficult time lately and because of everything going on, Stamptacular Sunday Challenge has been put on the back burner for far too long.  It is a huge job running a challenge blog successfully and these last several weeks have been a huge let down, not only to myself, my Design Team and our sponsors but most importantly to all our loyal followers and weekly participants.

With that said, I am so sorry to do this but...FOR NOW...I feel the best thing to do is to put the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge on hold!  My hope is that in a few months, things will have become a bit easier for my family and I and Stamptacular will pick up right where we left off!

I am so sorry to everyone involved but at the moment, this seems to be the best way to handle things so that I don't continue to let everyone down.  I want to do what's right...I hope everyone understands...this is for the best and NOT what I want to do!

ALL winners through the March 31, 2013 challenge will be ensured to get their prizes that have been won!  Because of all the confusion, if you are still waiting on a prize, please resend your e-mails and be sure to put Stamptacular Sunday Challenge WINNER in the subject heading of your e-mail or it will get lost in the SPAM box.

Please keep your eyes open for when the time is right...and...I promise, we will be back!  Hopefully even bigger and better than we have ever been!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, love, and prayers...they have been truly been appreciated!

God Bless!